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Diamine Raw Sienna

Total ratingAverage from the Ratings below. Number of reviews sampled: 9
Color properties Similar Inks
Color-GuideThese are neutral color swabs. They should not have any color tinge and you should be able to differentiate them all (there are no two ones that are the same) - then you got at least a pretty good idea how the colors should look.
Color-RangeThis color range is created by using the average color from all swabs collected so it is quite accurate as a guideline point.
ShadeInks with a high score do share more (difference between light and dark colors within writing have more contrast)
SaturationHigher = Higher color saturationN/A
SheenHigher = Higher chance to expose some sheenN/A
Ink BehaviorColor Infocard
Dry (s)Average dry time until smear resistant

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FlowHow much ink will end up on the paper given a particular pen.N/A
LubricationHigher score indicates a smoother writing feel. A very low score ink might make a pen feel scratchy/provide more feedbackN/A
BleedInks with high scores are less likely to bleed through to the backside of the paper, even on cheap paper qualities.N/A
GhostInks with a high score are less noticable on the backside of the paper. Ghosting defines a seethough effect not to be confused with bleedthrough where an ink comes through completely to the other side. An ink that shows no bleedthrough might still cause ghosting.N/A
FeatherInks with high scores are less likely to feather along the paper fibers, even on cheap paper. Most quick dry inks have low scores as they tend to seep into the paper very fast to provide that quick drytime.N/A
Nib creepHigher = Lesser Ink creep, the nib stays clean longer.N/A
Ink Resistance against abuse
LightfastnessHigher = Ink will withstand exposure to light better/longer.N/A
Water resistanceHigher = Ink is better to withstand soaking in water.N/A
Soap resistanceHigher = Ink is better to withstand soaking in water with soap.N/A
Alcohol resistanceHigher = Ink is better to withstand soaking in alcohol.N/A
Bleach resistanceHigher = Ink is better to withstand soaking in bleach.N/A

Most data collected is experience from users around the web or reviews submitted to this page. This is mostly subjective data and can only be used as a general comparison like inkreviews in general. See About page for more info